◯ The MC was cheerful and the performers were happily performing and singing.

I want to go again.

There is also a food booth, I think that’s an interesting attempt.

I’m looking forward to next year’s concert too.

◯ The concert was amazing.

The countdown program was especially good.

It was an exciting time to spend with my family.

If there is a chance, also with a lot of people I want to spend that time.

◯ I’m really happy to have such a special New Year.

I’ll definitely go next year.


◯ I played so fun last year, so this year I belonged to the citizen orchestra.

I’m also looking forward to this year’s Silvester Concert!

I knew about this concert last year and wanted to participate this year.

During the countdown, I just watched my favorite classic on TV.

So it seems like a dream to play and celebrate the New Year.

I think that it is a great project for amateurs and students to get this opportunity.

◯ I went to Fukuoka Silvester Concert last year and had a great time.

I applied for thinking that I want to sing with everyone and that it’s a waste not to play it.

I encouraged my son who had stop music to participate.

He couldn’t keep up and tried to give up on the way.

However, thanks to the warm support of the executive committee members, he was able to participate in the concert.

After that, my son sometimes started playing the instrument himself.

It was very good to be able to join him in this concert.

I wanted to sing Symphony No. 9 and participated. However, the chorus was difficult and seemed to give up for the first time in decades, but I was able to pass through to the end because of the kind and warm instruction and the friends who worked hard together.

I feel the joy of chorus and have been a member of the choir since February.

I didn’t listen to much classical music.

I sang Symphony No. 9 for the first time and realized how wonderful it was.

Recently I bought a Symphony No. 9 CD and compared it.

While listening to various conductors and orchestras, I was impressed with how good things.

I will definitely participate this year!

I participated with my child.

I never thought I could have a new year on stage with my child.

I had a wonderful experience that will last a lifetime.

When my daughter heard about this year’s event, she immediately pulled out Symphony No. 9 sheet music and said she was looking forward to it.

I ’d like to invite my friends this year and go to a concert with a larger group than last year.