What’s Silvester?

“Silvester” means New Year’s Eve in German, and the Silvester Concert is a classical concert that is mainly held on the last day of the year.

It is said that the day of the death of Pope Sylvester I at the beginning of the 4th century originated, and since then, worship ceremonies have been held mainly in Western Europe.

Today, it is an event for enjoying New Year’s Eve in various places without having a religious meaning.

In Germany and Italy, young person gather around the city to raise fireworks and firecrackers at night of New Year’s Eve.

In Berlin, events related to the Silvester concert will be held for three days, and concerts will be held on the evening of the last day of the year.

In Japan, the Tokyu Silvester Concert hosted by TV TOKYO has been held since the first on the last day of the year 1995.

We will be performing to celebrate the New Year at the moment when the countdown song is over.

There are also other Silvester concerts in Japan such as Sapporo and Yokohama.

In the whole country it is almost to be played in the orchestra a professional orchestra or professional players.

But here in Fukuoka, it is a new form of concert that includes professional players and amateur citizen / student players.

We recommend celebrating the New Year with wonderful music and friends.